Crashing when traveling to a partition-enabled map

I crash 100% of the time when attempting to travel to a level where partition is enabled (if that partition level had not already been visited).

  1. Enable World Partition
  2. Create a basic Title Screen level
  3. Using any kind of logic to execute any kind of command to open a partition-enabled level (such as the Open Level (by Object Reference) node, an ‘open’ console command, etc).
  4. Encounter null memory crash

This crash appears to occur regardless of level complexity or grid/load type composition for the actors within it.

Travelling from a partition-enabled world to a standard world does not crash.
If however I start in a partitioned level, and then load a standard level, I do not crash when returning to the previous partition level.
Non-partition level → Partition level = crash
Partition level → Non-partition level = doesn’t crash
Partition level → Non-partition level → Previous partition level = doesn’t crash

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Hey Buttersoft — appreciate you taking the time to report this! We’re escalating with our team, but would you mind creating a report via the Bug Submission Form to help our team dig in and track it?

Sure thing, just submitted! I tried to the other day but got a perpetual loading icon.

I can confirm I get the same problems, I have tried loading level instancing prior to opening level and nada.

–Edit, it only seemed to work when I built the project and possession of pawn is not enabled.
–Hopefully we can work out what is going on here.

Doing the following allows me to load a World Partition map. Unloading the MainMenu map before loading the next map. I have not tried unloading menu after loading a map. I have had enough of crashes for one day.