Crashing when launching - GetSerializedContext UObject

I updated my project to 4.22 after a long time (it was 4.18). Everything is fine while cooking… But when I launch the game, crashes:

Assertion failed: !Linker ->GetSerializedContext()
[File…UObjectGlobals.cpp] [Line: 1358]

Any help?


Apparently the problem was with a unknown corrupted asset referenced somewhere in my project.

I fixed by creating a blank project and migrating map by map and testing until everything was exported. Took a lot of time, but I managed to work correctly.

Epic should really implement an easy tool to find corrupted files or null actors.

I ran into this same issue but with my library of assets being so large, starting a new project and migrating wasn’t a viable option. I eventually came across a solution in an off-hand comment in a different forum.

Apparently, this can happen with projects upgrading to 4.22, breaking the old streaming code on execution.

Enable “Event Driven Loader” to use the more recent streaming Unreal has to offer, this should fix this issue.
Otherwise, if that doesn’t work, enable this and try a shipping or non-development build.


This fixed the problem for me, thanks a lot!