Crashing problem when importing skeletal mesh with shapekeys from Blender [SOLVED]

Hello, I’m having a strange issue when importing skeletal meshes with Shapekeys from Blender.
If I have 6 shapekeys or less, everything goes smoothly and I have no problem with importing. However as soon as I add a seventh shapekey, Unreal crashes on import. I tried on multiple file to check if it didn’t come from my scene but nope, six shapekeys, everything’s fine, seven shepekeys, doesn’t work.
I’m using Blender 3.2 and UE5 but I tried on UE4.27 and I have the same issue.
Has anyone run into this before ? Any idea on how to fix this ? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Okay I found the issue, if anyone is havig the same problem, I think It is because my shapekeys were on a plane. After some testing, I have no issues with other shapes. So just don’t shapekey planes I guess ?