Crashing On Map Load 4.13

I updated my project to 4.13 now all of the maps I had been working on crash the editor when I load them. There is no report displayed. Just says “You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.”

There are dozens of copies in the backup folder, which now fail to load as well. Everything was fine. I dont know how they all could have been corrupted. They crash the editor too. I moved the backup levels to a clean 4.13 project. In the clean project they do not crash the editor, but they fail to load. No error, they load to 100% quickly and then nothing happens.

All of the levels were related in that there was one persistent level and the others were to be streamed in and out. This could also deal with the nav mesh because I was working on a Nav Invoker problem when this all happend.

Has anyone seen this? Any help?

I got map on load crashes in 4.13 when having out of bounds mistake in blueprints construction. Earlier builds managed to load those, but 4.13 is more sensitive. In case you have something similar in some actor’s construction when map is loaded.

Hey GameMaster79,

I have a few questions that’ll help gather some more info for the crash:

  • Could you please provide your Machine ID from the Crash Reporter window and ensure to hit Send & Close on the report?
  • Could you please provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder after the crash occurs again?

Hi Sean,

The ID is: MachineId:C8FB915C45F823C07716388F9FA8FEB7

I cant seem to up load any of the log files. There is an .ini an XML and a mini dump. It says the file type is invalid when I try to add them as an attachment. How do I get them to you?

SaOk: I will look into this. It seems possible. I did not have errors on play but there could have been others. Thanks

So I guess you can do it as a zip. Here are all 3. link text

Hi GameMaster79,

I have the same problem and the game is not starting anymore on my laptop.

Greetings SKAARI

Hey Sean,

I wanted to add more information because I have noticed trying to open other actors not just levels leads to the editor crashing. In fact my project will crash on start up. I was able to get into it originally by removing the config folder and just starting up with a default level. With the config folder present it does not even load on start up. With the folder removed it seems to crash when trying to open blueprints. However, I can open some of the other blueprints in a clean project.

Thanks for looking into it…

I’d recommend starting to copy your content over to a clean project piece by piece until you notice the crash starting to occur. With each piece, try to play and see if you can determine which asset(s) is/are causing the crash.
I’m wondering if there is a circular reference issue somewhere in the project, as from what I’ve seen of your callstack and crash files this seems like it is likely the case.

Hi Sean,

Well, moving everything to a new project did work. I actually did it by moving everything except the things I had been working on over the last few days. My project is pretty big at this point. Just tried that until I found the suspect directory. When I upgraded to 4.13 it broke every collapsed node in my behavior trees. Could have also been a C++ plug in. Anyway, I redid the work in that directory and it seems to be working fine. Thank you