Crash with blueprint

Version: normal 4.6/4.7


  1. create a c++ project e.g. named forest
  2. delete ForestCharacter class
  3. Now default character has no parent
  4. you cant reparent this blueprint, because if you want to open it, a message will appear and you cant open blueprint and on rightclick in blueprint is no option for reparent. You only can delete it. Thats bad, Please change this!
  5. If you try to rename this blueprint engine crashes.

Hi Wanderer,

initial issue you described is known, and there’s a feature request in our system to allow reparenting of Blueprints without requiring that Blueprint be opened (UE-2549). I’ll post here when I see any sort of update on that.

I was not, however, able to reproduce a crash when attempting to rename default character BP. Has this crash happened more than once? Are you able to get it to crash with a rename whenever you try? If so, would you mind zipping and attaching crash log for project next time it does so? Thanks!

Hi Wanderer,

We haven’t heard back from you, so I’m resolving this post for tracking purposes. If you’re still experiencing this issue and can provide information requested above, please feel free to comment here and we can continue investigating. Thanks!