crash while trying to save materials from an FBX file

So I am new to UE4 and am currently following the blueprint 3rd person game tutorial from the UE4 documentation. I downloaded the FBX files from as told in the video and loaded them into the project editor and when I try to save these contents, the engine always freezes while trying to save the material files with the tab in the task manager showing “not responding”. This only occurs with the materials, not with the other files like the skeleton meshes, skeletons or skeleton animations. I also tried with the different versions on that web page but no luck. Any solutions to this problem? Or is it extremely demanding for a computer to compile a material file?

it is pretty demanding when compiling shaders but im not sure thats entirely the issue. you could test it though by just leaving the engine running for awhile after it goes unresponsive, if it really is just compiling then it may become responsive again.

I’ve left it running for a couple hours now and it’s still stuck and unresponsive. It doesn’t seem like the CPU is working hard on it either (at least the task manager doesn’t show like it). And I doubt it is because of compiling shaders cuz those are sources for tutorials so the materials wouldn’t be so big and complicated would they