Crash when spawning Actor with WidgetComponent

Hello, i’m trying to spawn an actor with an WidgetComponent on the PostInitializeComponents of my character, but it’s crashing on: WidgetComponent.cpp FWidget3DHitTester::GetBubblePathAndVirtualCursors when it’s trying to get the GetLocalPlayerFromControllerId. I believe this is happening because the player wasn’t added yet to the level, so where can i trigger the spawn of this actor? If i spawn it on BeginPlay it also crashes. Thank you.

have you tried AGameMode::PostLogin()?

Thanks for the suggestion, but it still crashes :S

For some reason if i just put the object on the level, when i spawn one on PostInitializeComponents for the character he finds the local player and doesn’t crash anymore. Weird stuff, probably going to report it as a bug, although this is an experimental feature.