Crash when enabling tesselation in material

In my project, when I compile a material with Tessalation,enabled and a world aligned texture,.UE4 crash.
In a fresh project, the crash doasn’t occurs.

Have you an idea of which parameter in my project can cause this issue?

Note: UE4.24.2 with raytracing enabled.

I might be wrong but I do not think that World Aligned Texturing currently works with Ray Tracing at the moment.

Hello Sam,
Thanks for your interest.

World Aligned Texture works well with Raytracing, I use it in an other master material
I can Enable Tesselation in my material with a vector 3 parameter as base Color.

In THIS particulary project, the combination between texture object paramater + world aligned textature as base color + Tesselation lead to a crash but not in another blank project with raytracing enabled.too.

So something specifific to this projet made this material compilation crashing the editor. But I don’t know where to look.

I’ve cleaned all “Derived data cache” but crash is still present.

When writing at the moment, It make me think that I haven’t try to disable megascan plugin or enable it in the blank project in which the crash doesn’t occur.

Will come back tomorrow to report but other ideas are welcome.

After investigation, I have reproductible steps and made a bug report