Crash when disabling physics and changing transform of an object

When I disable the physics on an object and try to move or rotate it, the editor crashes. Disabling physics or transforming works by themselves, but when I do both I crash.

My code looks something like this

AActor * HighlightedActor;

void AMyCharacter::OnInteract() {

void AMyCharacter::Tick(float DeltaSeconds) {
    HighlightedActor->SetActorLocationAndRotation(FVector(...), FRotator(...));

Visual Studio gives me this message

Unhandled exception at 0x000007FEDDF69AF0 (PhysX3PROFILE_x64.dll) in UE4Editor.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation writing location 0x000000040A553F5C.

And then something along the lines of “PhysX3PROFILE_x64.pdb not loaded”

My log is:

Log file open, 02/12/15 02:18:26
LogInit:Display: Running engine for game: BoxFort
LogInit: Version: 4.6.1-2386410+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.6
LogInit: API Version: 2369412
LogInit: Compiled (64-bit): Dec 11 2014 21:31:39
LogInit: Compiled with Visual C++: 18.00.21005.01
LogInit: Build Configuration: Development
LogInit: Branch Name: ++depot+UE4-Releases+4.6
LogInit: Command line: 
LogInit: Base directory: C:/Program Files/Epic Games/4.6/Engine/Binaries/Win64/
LogInit: Rocket: 1
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:473][  0]LogTaskGraph: Started task graph with 3 named threads and 6 total threads.
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:529][  0]LogOnline:Warning: No default platform service specified for OnlineSubsystem
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:558][  0]LogInit: Presizing for 0 objects not considered by GC, pre-allocating 0 bytes.
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:569][  0]LogInit: Object subsystem initialized
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:571][  0]LogConsoleResponse:Warning: Skipping Unknown console variable: 'UIScaleRule = ShortestSide'
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:572][  0]LogConsoleResponse:Warning:   Found in ini file 'C:/Users/Nathan/Documents/Unreal Projects/BoxFort/Saved/Config/Windows/Engine.ini', in section '[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]'
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:572][  0]LogConsoleResponse:Warning: Skipping Unknown console variable: 'UIScaleCurve = (EditorCurveData=(Keys=),ExternalCurve=None)'
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:572][  0]LogConsoleResponse:Warning:   Found in ini file 'C:/Users/Nathan/Documents/Unreal Projects/BoxFort/Saved/Config/Windows/Engine.ini', in section '[/Script/Engine.RendererSettings]'
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:573][  0]LogConsoleManager:Warning: Console variable 'r.MSAA.CompositingSampleCount' wasn't set (Priority ProjectSetting < Scalability)
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:574][  0]LogInit: Selected Device Profile: [Windows]
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:574][  0]LogInit: Applying CVar settings loaded from the selected device profile: [Windows]
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:581][  0]LogInit: Computer: NATHAN-PC
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:581][  0]LogInit: User: Nathan
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:582][  0]LogInit: CPU Page size=4096, Cores=4
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:582][  0]LogInit: High frequency timer resolution =2.923085 MHz
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:582][  0]LogMemory: Memory total: Physical=15.9GB (16GB approx) Virtual=8192.0GB
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:583][  0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for Windows
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:583][  0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 47.48 MB used, 47.48 MB peak
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:584][  0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 23.04 MB used, 24.40 MB peak
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:584][  0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 6628.25 MB used, 16301.18 MB total
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:585][  0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory: 261.27 MB used, 8388608.00 MB total
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:655][  0]LogD3D11RHI: Found D3D11 adapter 0: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti   (Feature Level 11_0)
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:656][  0]LogD3D11RHI: Adapter has 977MB of dedicated video memory, 0MB of dedicated system memory, and 3071MB of shared system memory, 2 output[s]
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:656][  0]LogD3D11RHI: Chosen D3D11 Adapter Id = 0
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:661][  0]LogRHI: Texture pool is 684 MB (70% of 977 MB)
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:679][  0]LogD3D11RHI: Async texture creation enabled
[2015.02.12-10.18.26:867][  0]LogTextLocalizationManager: The requested culture ('en_CA') has no localization data; parent culture's ('en') localization data will be used.
[2015.02.12-10.18.27:010][  0]LogContentStreaming: Texture pool size is 0.000000MB
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:281][  0]LogTargetPlatformManager:Display: Building Assets For Windows
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:800][  0]LogTargetPlatformManager:Display: Building Assets For Windows
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:869][  0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Max Cache Size: 512 MB
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:910][  0]LogDerivedDataCache: Loaded boot cache 0.04s 40MB C:/Users/Nathan/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.6/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc.
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:911][  0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Loaded Boot cache: C:/Users/Nathan/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.6/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:911][  0]LogDerivedDataCache: FDerivedDataBackendGraph:  Pak pak cache file ../../../../../../Users/Nathan/Documents/Unreal Projects/BoxFort/DerivedDataCache/DDC.ddp not found, will not use a pak cache.
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:912][  0]LogDerivedDataCache: Unable to find inner node Pak for hierarchical cache Hierarchy.
[2015.02.12-10.18.33:989][  0]LogDerivedDataCache:Display: Pak cache opened for reading ../../../Engine/DerivedDataCache/DDC.ddp.
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:002][  0]LogDerivedDataCache: Using Local data cache path C:/Users/Nathan/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/Common/DerivedDataCache: Writable
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:150][  0]LogCollisionProfile:Warning: Profile (UI) - Custom Channel Name = 'Weapon' hasn't been found
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:312][  0]LogMeshUtilities: No automatic mesh reduction module available
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:313][  0]LogMeshUtilities: No automatic mesh merging module available
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:712][  0]LogInit: WinSock: version 1.1 (2.2), MaxSocks=32767, MaxUdp=65467
[2015.02.12-10.18.34:793][  0]LogSlate:Warning: Failed to load font data from '../../../Engine/Content/Slate/Fonts/Roboto-Italic.ttf'
[2015.02.12-10.18.35:678][  0]UdpMessaging: Initializing bridge on interface to multicast group
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:030][  0]LogAnimation:Warning: UAnimMontage::PostLoad: The actual sequence length for montage FPP_Fire_Montage does not match the length stored in the asset, please resave the montage asset.
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:031][  0]BlueprintLog:Warning: Warning Blueprint Projectile has been migrated and requires re-saving to avoid import errors
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:351][  0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:352][  0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:361][  0]SourceControl: Info Source control is disabled
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:542][  0]LogObj: 27752 objects as part of root set at end of initial load.
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:542][  0]LogUObjectAllocator: 6575768 out of 0 bytes used by permanent object pool.
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:607][  0]LogEngine: Initializing Engine...
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:772][  0]LogInit: XAudio2 using 'Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)' : 2 channels at 44.1 kHz using 16 bits per sample (channel mask 0x3)
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:784][  0]LogInit: FAudioDevice initialized.
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:811][  0]LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world NewWorld
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:834][  0]LogDerivedDataCache: Saved boot cache 0.02s 40MB C:/Users/Nathan/AppData/Local/UnrealEngine/4.6/DerivedDataCache/Boot.ddc.
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:840][  0]LogInit: Texture streaming: Enabled
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:879][  0]LogAnalytics: Creating configured Analytics provider AnalyticsET
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:879][  0]LogAnalytics: ET APIKey = Rocket.Release. APIServer = AppVersion = 4.6.1-2386410+++depot+UE4-Releases+4.6
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:882][  0]LogAnalytics: SetUserId 8759692ed7164acc1ca7d5935c1464cc
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:882][  0]LogAnalytics: AnalyticsET::StartSession [Rocket.Release]
[2015.02.12-10.18.36:898][  0]LogInit: Transaction tracking system initialized
[2015.02.12-10.18.37:035][  0]BlueprintLog: New page: Editor Load
[2015.02.12-10.18.37:075][  0]LogAssetRegistry: FAssetRegistry took 0.0108 seconds to start up
[2015.02.12-10.18.37:076][  0]LogDirectoryWatcher:Warning: Failed to begin reading directory changes for ../../../Engine/Plugins/Experimental/CharacterAI/Content/. Error: 0
[2015.02.12-10.18.37:619][  0]LogTargetPlatformManager:Display: Building Assets For Windows
[2015.02.12-10.18.37:989][  0]LogTargetPlatformManager:Display: Building Assets For Windows
[2015.02.12-10.18.38:249][  0]LogConsoleResponse:Display: 
[2015.02.12-10.18.38:298][  0]LogLinker:Warning: Asset '../../../Engine/Content/Functions/Engine_MaterialFunctions03/Procedurals/ComputeFilterWidth.uasset' has been saved with empty engine version. The asset will be loaded but may be incompatible.
[2015.02.12-10.18.38:533][  0]SourceControl: Inf

Hey Hafunui-

I was able to reproduce the crash and have submitted it as a bug to our internal tracking database (UE-10142). For now the simplest solution would be to set one in code and then set the other through the editor.