Crash when closing multiplayer game in editor

Tested in 4.13.2 (latest git) and 4.14 (latest git), in Ubuntu 16.04. clang used to compile is 3.8


  1. Create a new project (Blueprint, First person template will be ok)
  2. Change play mode and play settings: set number of players to 2
  3. Run game
  4. Try closing the game window or stopping the game from the editor window (at this point the crash happens)

gdb backtracelink text

src/arena.c: No such file or directory.

Which probably means that this c file is not in source directory.
And probably that’s also the reason you are getting all

No, that just means that the debugger can’t find the source of libjemalloc, which is standard ubuntu included version 3.6.0-9ubuntu1