Crash on Listen Server Travel (even without any clients)

Greetings everyone, I’m currently working on a multiplayer project and I’m having trouble with my Server Travel, it does not do anything in the editor except while in Standalone (I believe it isn’t supposed to work anyway).

The real problem is that when it does do something (in Standalone or through the launch game option), it just freezes the game and crashes right away.

Some Leads I could think of:

  • My main menu level does not use the same gamemode and player controller than the other levels.
  • I had to move my maps to another folder to clean up the project (Maps were moved from “/Game/MyName/” to “Game/Maps”

Here’s what the Crash Reporter gives me:
Assertion failed: Package != nullptr [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/UObjectHash.cpp] [Line: 1048]

Thanks in advance!

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Ok, little update, i downloaded Editor symbol for debugging and here is the Callstack!

hello :slight_smile:
i am stuck with the same problem after migrating from a working version the multiplayer functionality (maps, Gamemode, playercontrollers, character, gameinfoinstance) to another project. I did check all installed plugins, and references of involved scripts, maps. Recreating the gamemodebase and playercontrollers from scratch again - no difference same error. Does not depend on the map(s) - something (i would guess in the online subsystem steam) seems to be gone broken in the migration process, or there could be some hidden hidden setting that is disabling it i guess…

ok - i think i found the problem or at least a hint to look into:
DefaultEngine.ini were different. Although Onlinesubsystem etc. settings were the same in both projects, a major difference i found in [/Script/EngineSettings.GameMapSettings].
Not sure exactly which line it was, but that did help.