Crash on launch when -vr parameter is used with vive cosmos

Hey there,

I’m seeing a crash on game launch when -vr launch parameter is used with the vive cosmos.
The crash appears to be within SteamVRRender.cpp and on the line:

// Increment swap chain index post-swap.

Within the function:

bool FSteamVRHMD::BridgeBaseImpl::Present(int& SyncInterval)

That said, it could easily of course be due to something else as it appears to be an invalid shared pointer, but I’m not positive.

Also I must note that I do not have this issue when I’ve opened the same game with the Oculus Rift S. Only the Vive Cosmos so far has demonstrated this behavior.

I should also note that I’m not doing anything custom or crazy with the rendering.

I’m linking the crash dump here as well as the requisite pdb file for opening it.

Crash dump: UE4CC-Windows-70E05C85435D5A137F87D78D12705ABD_0000.7z - Google Drive

pdb file:

Any advice or assistance would be most appreciated in getting to the bottom of this issue!

On oculus I’m now also seeing this issue if I set the following in DefaultEngine.ini so it runs in SteamVR instead of Oculus.


Another update on this, this only occurs when your connecting to a server via a launch parameter through a shortcut with the -vr parameter also present


i am experiencing exactly the same crash with the Vive pro via SteamVR, when connecting to a server in VR Mode.
This is reproducable in the Editor with engine version 4.26.2 and the fresh VR Template.
DepthSwapChain is nullptr In > UE4Editor-SteamVR.dll!FSteamVRHMD::BridgeBaseImpl::Present(int & SyncInterval) Zeile 154 C++
I can’t find the solution or the exact cause of this in the internet.
Did you ever resolve this issue? For me it is mandatory to be able to connect a VR client via command line to a server, which is running a map.


The same…
I’m using Oculus and I’m trying to connect to server with -vr parameter.