Crash On Creating Static Meshes (Linux And Mac)

I had this crash on Mac with the 4.5 branch too. Here it is on linux

See here Creating Static Mesh Causes Crash - YouTube

See outputlog as attachment.
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UE4Editor crashes when creating static meshes. Event at startup time while it tries to create default object it crash sometimes.

This test was done with NVidia GFX and NVidia drivers. The same happends with Intel Mesa Driver too.


  1. Drag Drop Brush object
  2. Creatate static mesh.
  3. Loop from 1 until crash.

Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS 12GB ram, Nvidia Quadro 5000
Driver: NVidia 346.16

Hi ,

I was not able to recreate the issue following the steps listed above or by following along with the linked video. However, noting the GPU you’ve listed above, that series does not possess OpenGL Version 4.1 or GLSL Version 4.10, which is required, as shown in the following graph:

I think UE4 is supposed to support OpenGL 3.2+ too?

(Linux case)
It is not a Quadro FX 5000, It is a Quadro 5000.

Page Not Found | NVIDIA (full OpenGL 4.4 support, Nnvidia Drivers 340.16)

  1. You need Ubuntu 14.04.1 64 bit
  2. You need Quadro 5000/Intel 4600 (I think it will crash with any GFX card anyway)
  3. You need to compile master branch (

And as I mentioned I had this even on a Mac 10.9.5 doing using the UE4 4.5 version. Will test again and confirm it it disapeard or not.

I have the same effect on a Intel 4600 on Ubuntu 14.04.1. It’s using Mesa Driver 10.4.0 which at least supports full OpenGL 3.3.
I can not imagine that creating a static mesh needs anyway a big version of OpenGL. This is a serious bug and makes the Editor almost useless.

A few clarifications:

  1. Epic are driving & supporting the Linux Editor, but you may encounter new problems versus the Windows & Mac versions. Originally my post implied we weren’t responsible for the Linux Editor - that implication was wrong - we are & we do.
  2. Linux drivers are much less consistent than those on OS X or Windows, so there will be unexpected problems. If you encounter any then please post a bug report here, including machine specifications, logs, crash dumps etc. so we can investigate!
  3. The requirement for GL 4.1 exists only on Mac OS X, not Linux AFAIK. On OS X the graphics cards running Apple’s OpenGL 3.3 don’t support some essential rendering features & have several known GPU driver bugs that mean UE4 won’t work as well on those GPUs on that OS. I don’t expect that situation to improve.

From what I can see in the log it would appear that the attempts to make the GL context current are failing, which seems unusual. I’d be much more interested in the Mac crash logs and specifications since that is my specialty.

I entered that to our bug tracker (for reference: UE-5718), we’ll try to repro it in-house too.

Apologies - I’ve edited my above post as it wrongly implied we don’t support the Linux Editor, but we moved to support the Linux editor a few versions ago.

I’d still like to check the Mac crash reports if you have them, in case there’s something different going on to Linux.

It seems like that using -ansimalloc won’t crash the editor creating static mesh.