[Crash] Modulated Shadows Performance and Crash On Andoid

Hey there,

We are developing a mobile project in 4.9.2 for Android and noticed that when we enable modulated shadows that the performance as the game is running eventually gets worse and worse. On lower end devices, this eventually causes a hard crash (we assume this is probably leaking memory).

Disabling the modulated shadows checkbox in the editor causes these performance issues and crashes to go away.

For target platforms, we are using the following:

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Experiences Crash)

We only have one directional light in our scene. Here is the set up for the light


Hi Ben,

There are a few known issues with performance and Modulated Shadows enabled that I see in our system. It’s a new feature with 4.9, so there is bound to be some known limitations and issues that will be iterated on for future releases.

There are some improvements coming for mobile with the 4.10 release that may resolve some of this, but I cannot guarantee that it will fix the issue.

We have a Note 3 here to test on, but I don’t have direct access to it at this moment. In the mean time, can you tell me if you see the same crash with modulated shadows enabled in a blank or basic template project that eventually crashes on the Note 3 or is this just your project?

Thank you!