[Crash + Logs] Submitting through Perforce Client occasionally causes instant load-crash.

Getting the following callstack when loading up the editor for a game that was previously working just fine, until I


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Submitting assets through the perforce client seems to BREAK references occasionally, making projects incredibly unstable. This needs to be fixed as a priority as we’ve had this issue several times in three months. The bug itself gives absolutely NO indication to what causes it, but projects copied via USB stick are just fine! we are having to consistently revert to older versions of our project.

Issue is particularly prevalent in Blueprint projects. Log attached below.

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Does this occur on a clean project with no additional content? Additionally, are you pulling your entire project from perforce or individual components?

Hi , the only things we’re including in the build are the Config and Content folders. We don’t have any C++ behind this project right now.

As for it happening on a clean project, I don’t think it does. It only seems to be caused by Blueprints (at least, noticeably). We are also experiencing some nodes within the blueprints spontaneously detaching themselves and causing compile errors when we try to load the project (although the connection pins of the nodes remain full of colour as if they’re still connected to something).

By “Submitting assets through the perforce client” do you mean that you are using P4V rather than the internal Perforce integration in the editor?

Hi all, I think we have since established that it seems to be more related to our Blueprints. At some point I would like to share the project files with you privately so it can be looked into as a different issue entirely?

In fact, during one of the crashes the Blueprint compiler results specifically told me that Epic needed a Repro for this particular crash… it’s a really odd one.

If you can isolate the issue to a particular Blueprint & supply that to us it would be much appreciated! As you say, it would be best to open a new AnswerHub thread for this (although please link to this one so we can keep them together).

Also, I had a chance to play your game at EGX last Friday - pretty sweet!

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We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this thread as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please reply with the requested information. Thank you!