Crash: LandscapeGrassOutput

Hi there. I’m trying to follow this tutorial (Grass Quick Start | Unreal Engine Documentation) and this Video (How I use the Grass Tool in Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube).

This thing is, in the video, he adds a second slot in the LandscapeGrassOutput and adds another LandscapeGrassType to it. When I do it, the engine crash and I’m greeted with a Crash Report Screen.

I also tried to fill the Crash Form, but it seems that nothing happens when I try to submit the form, both Chrome and Edge.


Confirming that 4.22.3 is working fine.

Same, crash with free for the month brushify shader

Hi i am also having problems with the LandscapeGrassOutput, it works fine in 1 pc, but i copied the project to another one and everytime i select the LandscapeGrassOutput Node it text