Crash in Unreleated Classes to my code

Hey Guys,

I’m currently getting a crash right when I hit PIE from a sparse array. All my code appears to run fine and this crash appears to be completely unrelated to my code. I’m really not sure what I changed or did to cause this. Any help?

Here’s the call stack.

 	ntdll.dll!00007ff9b171917a()	Unknown
 	ntdll.dll!00007ff9b173550f()	Unknown
 	UE4Editor-Core.dll!TGeneratedTextData<FTextHistory_Base>::`scalar deleting destructor'(unsigned int)	C++
 	UE4Editor-Core.dll!FFormatArgumentValue::~FFormatArgumentValue()	C++
>	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!TSparseArray<TSetElement<TTuple<FString,FFormatArgumentValue> >,TSparseArrayAllocator<FDefaultAllocator,FDefaultBitArrayAllocator> >::Empty(int ExpectedNumElements) Line 239	C++
 	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UEditorEngine::CreatePIEGameInstance(int InPIEInstance, bool bInSimulateInEditor, bool bAnyBlueprintErrors, bool bStartInSpectatorMode, bool bRunAsDedicated, float PIEStartTime) Line 3312	C++
 	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UEditorEngine::PlayInEditor(UWorld * InWorld, bool bInSimulateInEditor) Line 2409	C++
 	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UEditorEngine::StartQueuedPlayMapRequest() Line 1270	C++
 	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UEditorEngine::Tick(float DeltaSeconds, bool bIdleMode) Line 1558	C++
 	UE4Editor-UnrealEd.dll!UUnrealEdEngine::Tick(float DeltaSeconds, bool bIdleMode) Line 396	C++
 	UE4Editor.exe!FEngineLoop::Tick() Line 3296	C++
 	UE4Editor.exe!GuardedMain(const wchar_t * CmdLine, HINSTANCE__ * hInInstance, HINSTANCE__ * hPrevInstance, int nCmdShow) Line 166	C++
 	UE4Editor.exe!WinMain(HINSTANCE__ * hInInstance, HINSTANCE__ * hPrevInstance, char * __formal, int nCmdShow) Line 199	C++
 	[External Code]	

And the actually error:
Exception thrown at 0x00007FF9B171917A (ntdll.dll) in UE4Editor.exe: 0xC0000008: An invalid handle was specified.

Try using VS’ debugger to see the exact line of code that calls engine internals that cause that bug; there is not enough context for us to help you any further. You could try posting relevant code.