Crash engine for click button 'Required' on Particle System

Hi guys, I have a dropdown engine when I press a button Required in the Particle system.

  1. Create an empty project without starting content.

  1. Add a new blueprint Particle System with any name

  1. Open this blueprint and press the button ‘Required’

  1. The engine fell

I apologize for my English, I hope you correct this bug.

Hi Yakim,

We are aware of the d3d hung issue and have made ticket for all of the different cases: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-42280)

Look at the ticket for a small list of workarounds that may help the issue.

If you want a quick and easy workaround that seemed to help a lot of people do the following. A user (IronicParadox) suggested the following.

Open the editor, open the Content Browser, select View Options (eye icon bottom right), and uncheck Real-Time Thumbnails.