Crash / corrupt blueprint

  1. Create custom component class derived of for example USceneComponent.
  2. Make a blueprint, add components of the custom created class.
  3. Delete custom class in Visual studio
  4. Opening blueprint from editor (started without VS) = crash
  5. Opening blueprint from editor (started with VS) = crash

Hi simmania,

Sorry for the delay in getting to this post. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce this issue and saw the same results that you described. I have submitted a report of what I observed to have this issue investigated further (UE-10314).

I wanted to provide an update for this issue. The report that I had submitted came back marked “Cannot reproduce” so I tested this issue again in our most recent internal version of the Engine. The crash is no longer occurring, so at some point someone found the issue and corrected it without reference to the report I had put in. Unfortunately that means I do not know exactly when the fix went in. However, you should see this crash stop happening in a future release version of the Engine.

Ok .
Thanks for the heads up.