Crash after open a level with world composition using OpenLevel

Version: 4.6.1 (also tested in 4.7 preview)

Details: I’ve created a new map with world composition and use import tile feature. level works when played standalone, but when I use OpenLevel blueprint node to open it, editor crashes when a new tile is load.

How to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Create a new map, enable world composition
  3. Import tiles to generate a map based on r16 highmap
  4. Create a new map and use OpenLevel to go to world composition map
  5. Try to reach next tile level, when tile is loaded, editor crashes.

Attached are logs and dmp files.


Hi rafaelbr,

I wasn’t able to reproduce crash following these instructions. Would you be able to provide a test project in which this crash occurs so we can take a closer look? Thanks!

First of all, Merry Xmas!

I’ve uploaded a test project to dropbox, here is link:

I’ve created a TP project and import a tiled heightmap from World Machine. Positioned PlayerStart so level load a new tile as soon level starts. So, just open Example_Map and hit play, OpenLevel will redirect to TestMap which has World Composition with tiles.

If you have another question, feel free to ask.


Thanks for test project! I’m getting same crash with this, but I’d like to narrow cause down a bit further. Can you provide .r16 file you used for this? Thanks!

Sure, here is link for r16 files.They are just a simple map with perlin noise in World Machine.

Hm, strange, when I import these into a new project with same map setup you created, it doesn’t crash. When you import tiled landscape, are you selecting all heightmap tiles at once? Are you changing Import Configuration at all?

I’ve selected all tile maps at once and didn’t change import configuration. It is strange because it happen with every tile map I’ve imported. I’ve also tested with 4.7 preview and same problem happened, even when I create a new project.


This is fixed in this change list

Thank you for test project!