[Crash] [4.7] ContentStreaming.cpp Crashes after first frame

I’m getting a consistent crash when using PIE in our game, and it’s likely appearing in other play modes as well. I hit ‘Play’ and the game renders the first frame, but then it instantly crashes and takes me to ContentStreaming.cpp, line 520. This happens in Dev Editor and DebugGame Editor.

When I hover over the ScreenSizeInTexels, I get a -1#INDF0000 value, which I’m assuming means it’s undefined. Working back up the Callstack, the function gets called from Line 4020, where “StreamingTexture.DynamicScreenSize” is also -1#INDF0000. The StreamingTexture however has a value.

I have no idea what I’ve changed that’s caused this, I am doing some projection functions from world > screen space, but that’s all that I know of :confused:

Logs Attached, both from VS output window and the Editor.

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Update on this, I managed to fix it but I’m confused as to why the crash happened.

Basically, I looked at the list of textures in the StreamingManager and only two of the Engine materials seemed to have the issue, Default_Tile_Grid and the World Default material. All of their other parameters were being returned to it just fine, but only the DynamicScreenSize variable wasn’t being successfully dereferenced.

The fix was simple, the object that my camera was attached to was in a ‘pending kill’ state after the first tick, brought about by a gameplay code bug elsewhere. It was almost as if it couldn’t figure out where the camera was because of this, but even stranger was that most of the objects in he StreamingManager did have the data they needed, except a few.

Before fixing the error I also turned off texture streaming, I was graced with a very not pretty image of white and gray, but UMG loaded up just fine on top of it all.

Hi ,

I am glad to hear that you seem to have found a fix for the issue that you described. However, that puts us in a little bit of a bind when trying to look into this. From what I have gathered, it sounds like this crash was happening in a very specific set of circumstances in your project. If you get a , would it be possible to re-create this crash in a test project and upload that?

Hi ,

I can certainly try to, I believe it was happening because the object I was attaching the camera too was being garbage-collected almost immediately, or destroyed (if that helps at all). I’ll look into this more asap :slight_smile: