[Crash] [4.27.2] Crash from LandscapeRender.cpp in packaged build only

I’m getting a crash with a packaged 4.27.2 project, the crash doesn’t occur in PIE, and it only crashes maybe 1/4th of the time, it’s something to do with the landscape

[2022.10.06-00.12.20:211][ 1]LogWindows: Error: Error reentered: Assertion failed: !bCurrentRequiresAdjacencyInformation || (bCurrentRequiresAdjacencyInformation && SharedBuffers->AdjacencyIndexBuffers) [File:D:/Build/++UE4/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Landscape/Private/LandscapeRender.cpp] [Line: 2164]

-from the crash log

Here’s the full line 2164 from unreal engine 4.27 source

check(!bCurrentRequiresAdjacencyInformation || (bCurrentRequiresAdjacencyInformation && SharedBuffers->AdjacencyIndexBuffers));

Can anyone help me figure out causing this error and maybe any tips that might fix it?


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