CPU stall - Wait For Event

Hi all ! Please help me to interpret my CPU profiling…what “CPU stall - wait for event” means in terms of performance? and how to improve it?
My game is really laggy because of this thing …and my blueprints only use 3.3ms … how can I actually improve my performance? What am I doing so wrong? please help

I will continue to investigate this issue to provide once and for all an accurate answer to this, because there are no specific answers related to this problem …
So from what I’ve read so far the CPU stall means that the CPU is not making any forward progress with instructions, so this can be related to a blueprint or code that is consuming too much like a tick (which I only have 2 of them activated from the Begin Play and that shouldn’t be a huge problem like I have) or a “Get all actors of class” node…but there are some forum topics that says that the editor is responsable for the CPU stall waiting…so I’m gonna open 2 different Ue4 versions with the basic input controls to see if that is true…If isn’t, then I will rebuild the script step by step and analyze how the nodes affects the ms to provide a comprehensive answer related to this problem…
Hopefully I will identify the main problem…

Hi, you can ignore those above. UE runs a ton of threads most of them doing nearly nothing. There will be one thread you’re bound by (usually GameThread or RenderThread), therefore the rest of them will automatically have CPU stall wait for event.

From your image you are bound by the GameThread, so you can scroll down until you find the GameThread and then take a closer look at that.

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Yep you were right again :slight_smile: ! So I managed to find my problem under the GameThread …I had a forgotten level sequence for 11 actors in the scene running all at the same time…crazy stuff…so after deleting all of them along with that level sequence, my game suddenly got the fps increased to 60FPS !! So for people that are having this issue in the future just scroll down to the GameThread and be aware of how you use consuming stuff like sequencing multiple actors at once…and at the same time be aware of merging stuff inside unreal because…in my specific case… my actors had 2 objects merged and after checking them in the profiler I saw big numbers in “ms” that were used for them…so avoid using too much of these.
@chrudimer - thanks for all your help and thank god people like you still exists ! :slight_smile:

Now these are the new stats !