Cpu overload

So i very excitedly downloaded the new free content in the marketplace, the ‘modern city downtown’ so i load it up into a basically blank 3rd person starter project to just check it out. Loading the map, i see some progress. the loading bars are flling, the 0-100% seems to be going swimmingly, and then, suddenly. nothing. stuck on 100%, and the entire machine basically becomes unusable.

as we do, i CTL + ALT + DEL and pull up the task manager, and to my surprise, ue4editor is taking 100% of my cpu power, and .03% of the GPU, and this GPU is pretty god ■■■■ fancy, it’s the RTX 2060 SUPER, which, in Unity i was able to load entire maps from google maps and load them into a scene no problem, so i figured loading a pre-built city would be a breeze.

im trying to find out why ue4editor.exe isn’t even using the GPU, despite having followed the directions for nvidia control panel, the ue4editor program settings has ‘rtx 2060 super’ for every box that has it as an option, but low an behold., no matter what i do, the ue4editor loads all the data into the cpu instead of the GPU, any help?

It wont start using the GPU until the level is loaded. Until then it will compiling shaders, which uses the CPU.

The wait can be a long one sometimes ( 10 mins ). Have you tried waiting?