CPU OVERHEATING!!! need help

so i have a amd 8150, never had any issues with it over heating before. I am working with a large map 8kx8k. I am using 4k textures. When i hit build, it will build up to around 50% then my computer turns off due to over heating. never had an issue with this as my cpu is liquid cooled. can my cpu just not handle it or is there a setting to limit my cpu usage to around 75%.

You can test your CPU with this: GIMPS - Free Prime95 software downloads - PrimeNet

If you can run that for a few minutes without your PC turning off, then something with UE4 is strange. If it crashes same like with UE4, then maybe your CPU cooler just doesn’t work any more.

So i did what you said and everything is fine. I think it is the megascan textures and how i set up the material. Although i worked with a 4k hight map with the same 4k textures and it built every thing fine. i am just going to stay away from building huge maps for meow

control panel -> power options, pick a plan -> edit plan settings -> change advanced power settings -> processor power management -> maximum processor state

I have an FX 9370, and I ran into similar issues when running it at full. The cpu itself doesn’t overheat because mine is liquid cooled as well, and caps out around 45c, but the VRMs on the motherboard get too hot and cause problems. If you’re certain the cpu itself isn’t inadequately cooled try just ghetto rigging a case fan to blow on the vrms, as that more or less solved my issue.

awesomw sauce thank you! i probibly need a ryzen thoug…goals