cover system in udk

hello , i wanted to ask how to make a cover system in udk in the ut class not in an individual class but in the utclass itself so what to edit and what to do . thanks

Dark Space, you don’t need to crosspost every single one of your questions. The guys who still use UDK actually do check here pretty often and will see your post wherever you put it.

That being said, I don’t know what you mean by “in the ut class not in an individual class but in the utclass itself.” I don’t know which class “ut class” is.

A cover system is likely going to involve several classes.

If you want a cover system, it’s probably best if you use the built-in cover system.

Also, you seem to be a beginner in UDK. Is there a reason why you’re starting with UDK now? I would strongly suggest that you use Unreal Engine 4 instead.

the problem is i don’t know what is the built in cover system or how to enable it and use it also when i check how to make a cover system i found that the guys create a new class which doesn’t contain properties of utgame which make alot of my stuff not working.
one finale think my game is completely build with udk this is why i can’t use ue4 right now

There shoud be quite a few in the udk forums(even on youtube).Found a few but links were down,Still give it a more searh.(i know there are a good number of examples on youtube with links).On the other hand here is a quick simple idea for a cover(no shooting.)
Place a trigger in front of a wall>when toched in kismet do a new action>pawn>pawn anim and use a duck animation frame set to loopin or similar.When you touch the trigger you will duck.Again this is very dirty way to do it.

thanks O_and_N but this is not a good practical way of making cover system , i searched on the internet a lot to find the built in cover system and how to use but but couldn’t find a thing so please
**Nathaniel3W can you help with this ? **

Hello bro. Yeah, there is only one complete cover system for UDK which trully works.

Here is it:UDK Cover system - YouTube
I am even using it on my game. Its from several years ago, but it is awesome, althought dont expect something like Gears of War, anyway, it works. However, you need to have some basic understanding on unreal scripting to be ale to get it running and setup.

The download link does not exist anymore, however, luckily I have many of these old scripts pack, because I am using UDK from since 2014, before the advent of UE4 :smiley:

I am attaching to this thread here the original dynamic cover system.

Cheers. (20.4 KB)

thanks alot bro , i appreciate your help alot although i would like to find something like gears of war that type of cover system because in the video it seems like the system is childish or not quite interesting and **Nathaniel3W ** said something about a built in cover system in udk and i don’t know any thing about it in fact i never heard of it before

Hello bro, do you want a counseiling? I am not underestimating you, however believe me. UDK is not supported nor updated by EPIC, so you wont find much help, the marjority of devs have gone to UE4. Some of us who still stay in UDK is form some specific reason. In my case is because I began studying UDK several years ago when UE4 was still on beginning of development. So whenever UE4 was released, I was almost 3 years studying UDK, and I already began creating my game, so I did not want to miss all this time of studying to begin with UE4. Other reason is because my actual PC sucks, and it cant run UE4 (i have a Asus Gaming Notebook from 2011 and I am stuck with an old Geforce 360M DirectX 9).

But the most important thing which makes me still use UDK is because I was able to do an unnoficial port of UDK, so I have a custom version of UDK which exports the game for both PS3 and Xbox360:

So I am developing a homebrew game for PC/Xbox360/PS3 using my custom UDK which is based on UDK May 2011 (a bit old).

So my counseilling is that either you go for UE4 which you will find everything you imagine ready to use, like Cover System, 3rd Person Shooter, FPS, Racing, Melee, Fighting, and so on.

Or if you are like us which loves UDK too much, so learn Unreal Scripting, study, more, more and more.

There are many Ebooks out there on Unreal Scripting, Youtube Video, and so on.

For each new feature I want to add on my game, go there and search utill I find something smiliar, then I just change adapt the script, or create from scratch.

I was able to create a cool health system in which your vision becames to blink in red color (like Resident Evil Revelations 2) and blood splat on screen whenever you get hit, the more hit, more blood. I have done this very easily using Adobe Flash CS4 (Scaleform) and changing the UDK GFXMinimapHUD Class. I just tried to understand how the default udk health hud bar animations works just by reading the GFXMinimapHUD Class. Then I created a new movie clip inside flash, and coded the same logic for the default udk bar, just changing here and there, like this:

        //custom health bar animation///////////////////
        if (UTP.Health >= 100) {


        if (UTP.Health < 100 && UTP.Health >= 90) {


        if (UTP.Health < 90 && UTP.Health >= 70) {   


        if (UTP.Health < 70 && UTP.Health >= 40) {


        if (UTP.Health < 40 && UTP.Health >= 20) {      


        if (UTP.Health < 20 && UTP.Health >= 0) {

        //custom health bar animation///////////////////

So that`s bro, if you want to use UDK, you will need to learn, study and do most of the code by yourself.


yes i understand but he told be there is a built in cover system that what i want to know about nothing else

anyway thanks for you help i appreciate it a lot