couple lighting questions when pilot a light?

Hi all,

Running 4.21.1 on windows 10. Coming from lighting in Maya, I have a couple questions when lighting in UE4.

When I pilot a spotlight (either through right-click or ctrl+shift+p), I am able to look through it as expected but as soon as I hold alt + left/middle/right mouse to change the view, the view got immediately thrown to somewhere that I then have a hard time to know where I am. Also, the initial piloted view is often time upside down or 90-degree away from what I want as the initial state.

  1. I am expecting after I pilot a spot light, I could moving the view the same way as I view through a regular perspective camera in the editor (I mostly atl + mouse buttons for subtle camera movements). How can I achieve that? If not, what is the recommended way to move around after you pilot a light?

  2. When piloting a light, I constantly see a flooding yellow color blocking the whole view. I found turning off the visibility of the piloted light can work around the issue, but it’s a bit cumbersome that one has to do this to be able to properly pilot a light. Do I miss something here?

Any pointers would be appreciated.

I have a similar camera issue when piloting a cine camera. I’ve been able to get around it by lowering the viewport mouse speed down to 1 for more precise movement and any vertical/horizontal-lined movement done outside of the camera with the movement gizmo.

As for what you see when piloting, do you still see the game icons? It’s a good idea to press ‘G’ to hide all icons which should hide the light’s arrows or any other sprite.

Thanks rosegoldslugs. The “g” trick works great. :slight_smile:
I think what confuses me the most now is that I couldn’t quite get a hang of the camera movements after piloting a light. Basically, I couldn’t control the camera the same way as moving a regular perspective camera, i.e. alt = left/middle/right to move the camera of piloted light as if I am moving a regular perspective camera in the editor.