Could someone tell me how to reduce the amount of memory used in a scene in unreal?

I am trying to render but it is giving memory problem, I found some things associated with the problem, but I did not understand how to decrease memory. Can someone help me?

how much ram does your pc have? do you have other programs running in the background?

I have 8GB of ram, 1TB of memory, 4G of video card, there is no other program running in the background.

the programs that are in the background are the common ones, antivirus, cortana, that type.

By memory you mean ram or hard drive space? because you named hard drive “1TB”, a memory. It not invalid way to call hard drive since it is one of many forms of “memory” in electronics, but “memory” is usually referenced to RAM.

Yes, the ram has 8GB.

the hard drive has 1TB