Could not find root physics body

Dear all

I am getting the following when I spawn a some skeletal meshes in game:

LogSkeletalMesh: USkeletalMeshComponent::InitArticulated : Could not find root physics body: ‘/Game/FirstPersonBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_Arena.Arena:PersistentLevel.Game_Item_actor_C_14.NODE_AddSkeletalMeshComponent-0’

The mesh spawns, but has no physics body.

I have deleted the mesh, skeleton and reimported to recreate the physics asset and skeletal mesh but it did not fix the issue

Any ideas ?

OK solved it posting here to help others:

You get this error when the skeletal mesh and the physics asset are using different skeletons.

Kinda obvious when you think about it… what isn’t obvious is why my object isn’t spawning with the physics asset as set in the skeletal mesh.