Could i have two or more animated UV sprites within one emitter?

I would like to know if i could have two or more animated UV sprites within one emitter in Cascade?

So for example, i have a single effect template of a bullet hit against sand. This effect will have two emitters lets say, the dust and also another emitter for debris.

Then, say my dust sprite is an 8x8 framed UV animated sprite of sand dust kicking. Say i have 4 different variations of this texture, and i want them to pop in randomly within the one dust emitter. For a cool random effect.

Is this possible somehow? Within the material maybe?

Thank you!

Trying to make something like that would be more work than having a base material with 3 material instances for 4 different dusts, and using them for 4 separate particle emitters really.

Edit: Or better yet, have 1 particle and change its material randomly.

Thats what i want, one emitter that displays a random set of materials. Yet i,m a total noob at this, would you be so kind to indicate how i do this?

Yes, you could lerp between two subUV images (you need the same subUV layout, so you cannot mix an 8X8 with a 6X6) based on any parameter you define in your material, and use a dynamic parameter, particle size, speed, etc. etc. to control it.