Could I get some help with static analysis and code suggestions in xcode/appcode?

First of all, static analysis is broken since IDE has no header files available.
I’ve downloaded a source from github and added it to UserSearchPath var in project settings - things become way better, but still there are lots of symbols missing. Why there is no guide anywhere or clues? Do everybody code without code auto-completion and static analysis? That’s insane!

Screenshots are made in AppCode 2.5.5. Xcode 5.1.1, same story there.

In mac project template “…/… [whatever]” directory is included, which causes IDE to scan all directories involved, in my case - my home dir. Why on earth any body would do that? Removing it from project changes nothing.

It should be much better in UE4 4.1 (which should also fix …/… in the project, which was a bug). Xcode is taking ages to index the project, but syntax highlighting and code completion work pretty well for me. And I’m still actively working on improvements, so you can expect further progress in future engine versions. I did not test much with AppCode yet, though. Will try to do this.

And here you can find some more info about UE4 Xcode projects Code Completion XCode - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

Well, it’s 4.2 now. And it’s a 5th time I recreate project and try to build index. It actually worked only ones - with early 4.2 preview. But as for now it doesn’t see random header files. Steps taken:

  1. Clone 4.2 from git
  2. Merge those 2 Required Zips
  3. BuildAndRun UE4 (xcode 5.1.1)
  4. Create a new C++ project in editor.
  5. Open the project and build ProjName-Mac and ProjNameEditor-Mac (Xcode 5.1.1). Run editor - editor works fine.
  6. Finally open project with AppCode 3.0
  7. Wait for 1.5hour till indexing is completed and cry with blood.

What can I do? Yet again, it’s so strange this topic aint so publicly discussed, like nobody else has this problem =(. It’s been a two months or so I can’t start using UE4 since highlighting and suggesting is broken.