Could I design a first person game and transfer it to Virtual Reality?

I am trying to do resource harvesting/ inventory, so when you have an axe in your hand and chop a tree in virtual reality. If I get the code to make “x” to cut a tree, can I make it where a swing in virtual reality near a tree will trigger the same thing as “x”? I can only find how to do resource harvesting in first person games and I am trying to transfer these functionalities to virtual reality.

Also, like the building aspect of the game as well is going to be difficult, I do not have a problem getting these abilities into a game but I do not know how to integrate with VR.

Have a look at the First Person template. It shows how to have a very basic experience which also works in VR, adapting to the presence of an HMD and of Motion Controllers. While in principle it is possible to create an experience/game which works both as FPS and in VR, in practice VR development has a lot of nuances to it (performance, 3D assets, materials, interaction, etc.) which you will have to manage specifically.