Could an rpg template like this be recreated with an avatar system and multiplayer?

- YouTube can’t code and I’ve only seen things like these done in Game Maker Studio which is paid .My knowledge is equal to that of a fifth grader concerning game making, My Intended Result is to create an MMO That Ive been working on for years…I started in 2003 but I could not do much because I was 3.Making a game like Club Penguin Is my intention, But they are humans.PLease Help.

Alright, let’s take a step back here. It sounds to me like this is your first game. Dreaming big is no problem, neither is having ambition, which I can tell you have. But think about it this way: simple MMOs take a team of people years to create. RPGs are one of the most complex toes of games to make. Pt this together and you’re looking at something which will take a large team years to make.

Again, I’m not saying “forget your dream” because that’s dumb, but know that you’ll need help doing this stuff, and people aren’t going to be very willing to help if you can’t prove you have experience.

On that note, I challenge you to create pong. Now, you might be thinking "pong blows, it’s simple, boring, etc."and you’d be right, pong is simple, but if you can’t create pong, you’ll never be able to create an MMO. Let me tell you why.

I’m going to assume you don’t want to create pong. If that is the case, do you think that every aspect of creating your MMO will be enjoyable? There’s going to be times which you hate, where you’re forcing yourself to do something which has to be done for the game to work. This includes making database of items, writing dialog for unimportant characters, etc. So yes, creating pong will help you create your game because it will be an exercise in doing things you don’t really want to do.

As far as using templates, yes, they can be altered to fit whatever you need, but you’ll need to do a lot of busy work to get to where you need, and in the end, is often best to work on your own system. I recently worked through a quest tutorial which I tried to reverse engineer. The system had to be changed so much in order to work for my game, I basically created my own.

If you need any help, let me know.

Alright, simply based on your age (discriminatory on my part) and your statement of having “the knowledge of a fifth grader” I assumed you were new to this while thing. I guess you’re just new to ue4.

Anyways, yes, that would definitely be possible in ue4. One of the best things about the engine is for most aspects you don’t have to know how to program because you can use the blueprint editor which is a form of visual scripting. However because of the scope of your question this isn’t really something that can be answered on the answer Hub at least not in the form of someone saying yeah all you have to do is x y and z. My suggestion would be to start doing some tutorials on ue4. One of the best tutorials I’ve seen for beginners to the engine is the one by virtus education hub on YouTube. After that you’ll probably want to look at the epic games live streams to learn how multiplayer Works within the engine. Once you do that you should be able to create a basic form of what you need obviously you’ll still need all of the assets to make it look better but with that knowledge you should be able to prototype something.

Sorry to school you but first off !
Although my first question was made the day I “joined” I Have been Learning for Years, four years to be exact!
I’ve Created much wilder things than pong!
3d Run For Your Lives, 3d Platformers,2d Platformer,Angry Bird,Flappy Bird,Galaga,Street Fighter,
Isometric avatar system (like club penguin) in gamemaker studio trial, And even…
the simple question was
Can You Create an MMo in UE4 like this zelda topdown whatnot,
It does not need to have to be multiplayer yet…
And you could top down a 3d avatar model easily…
THe Problem is How To Do that thing in the video?

PS- Kudos to you for trying to encourage me to learn 4 more years
I am lazy,broke,fedup and under-motivated, WHich speaks for a great deal of people lol!

Thanks Bruh …
I Hope I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for a crappy blueprint…
So I guess I just need to get a guide dog or a stick and dive in to this blindly…
I Really like the Ease of Ue4, But 2d requires way more effort to achieve the appropriate quality than 3D… And I Guess i’ll just have to dive into the Polar waters…

I’m still kind of new to ue4, but if you have any questions my discord handle is @rklsimmersion. If be happy to help in any way I can.