CouchKnights avatar blueprint


The CouchKnights avatar uses nice head tracking to control the avatar that is sitting (which produces great presence). Therefore I would like to use the Oculus_Character_Actor Blueprint in my Virtual Reality project (oculus rift DK2).
I just started using the Unreal Engine 4.7 and am very inexperienced.

My problem:
When i drop the Oculus_Character_Actor (Blueprint) into my scene and press play in VR, the camera is detached from the camera1 inside the Oculus_Character_Actor. Also, the oculus is not controlling the camera.

Does anyone know why this happens? Is something wrong with the setup of my scene or blueprint, is something missing? (i.e. i didn’t set-up any level blueprint is this necessary?)

Thanks in advance!

This is what i see when playing

Found the answer to my question:

2 possible methods:

First is to manually set the view to the character camera in the level blueprint. Although i have the feeling this doesnt work properly since on mouse input the character was rotating, while the camera was not)

Second is to set the character pawn in the level to auto possess player 0 (details panel, tab pawn)

I dont really know what method is better