Cost of render texture


Let’s say i have a second camera in my level, which is only used to create a texture render target, and this texture is only used in a widget that is shown occasionally

When this widget is not shown, does it cost in performace to have this camera in the level, or does UE “turn off” this camera since it’s not actively being used.

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If by camera you mean scene capture component then no, it is not automatically turned off and it will keep rendering to the render target even if the texture is not displayed anywhere.

That was precisely what i meant.
Thank you :slight_smile:

Any way to turn it off? Cause from what I’ve noticed - even after running Deactivate it still is turned on (it being Scene Capture 2D).

You can Set Capture Every Frame to false… but keep in mind that every time a scene capture component moves (either via set location or if it’s attached to a moving actor) then it will still capture regardless of the Capture Every Frame value.
So you would have to either make sure it doesn’t move (detach it if you need to) or perhaps set the render target texture to null? (I haven’t tried that).

You can also destroy the component.