Corrupt behaviour trees! multiple nodes active bug

No matter how I remake these, nothing fixes this. What on earth can I do at this point? (sorry, bit stressed)

Is there any reason this would be happening because of a bad set-up?

I have tried deleting and re-creating the entire tree. all the nodes are numbered wrongly at runtime.

OK JUUUUUUUST in case anyone else encounters this bug. It turns out the behaviour tree became corrupt. LUCKILY there’s a brilliantly fast solution. create a new behaviour tree, set it to use the right blackboard. delete the old one and use the option to replace references to your new one. TA-DAAAHH!!


nope. corrupted the second time I played. If someone could help with this I’d appreciate it so much.

the behaviour tree seems to work still, but the rendering is messed up.

Hi SirYakalot,

First off, which version are you using? Also, could you provide a higher res screenshot of the behavior tree? If you are comfortable sharing this info, it would also be helpful to know what the services and some of the tasks are doing.

If you have a simple test project that would work as well. You can private message me a link to download it over the Forums.

Sure no problem. I actually sent the project to Lukasz Furman so he has it if that’s useful? Unfortunately it works on his machine!!! which is a disaster as it means I have NO idea how to fix it on mine. although very bizarrely, it doesn’t work for me on TWO machines.

oh and sorry, 4.6.

I saw in your other post that you and Lukasz found that updating to 4.7 fixed the issue. Did that fix this issue as well?

Yes it did but the worrying thing is is that he didn’t have the issue with the same project on his machine. I’m worried it may happen again. On both machines where I saw the issue I was running windows 7, that’s the only thing I can think of that would be different.

I’m not sure what Lukasz is running but most of the support team here has Windows 7. So far we haven’t encountered this error with behavior trees. If the issue pops up again, post back here and we will investigate further.

I’m getting the same thing. I think whats happening is that the index numbers are getting screwed up. When my behavior tree is initialized the “TASK_should_abandon_door” is labeled as 0 and is highlighted yellow even though nothing is being pumped into the sequence. By the time it gets to the sequence it runs both tasks in parallel and once the Move_to is complete the TASK_should_abandon_door runs forever and nothing I do stops it.