Correctly combine IK and Montage Slots?

So this issue has bothered me for almost a year and figured I’d come here to see if anyone can help me figure this out.

The montage slots are overriding the head rotation, which is not what I want. It just stops rotating while the montage is playing.
I have tried to put the IK right before the Output Pose as well with the same result after digging through the forums.

What is the correct order of operations here? Or should I try a completely different solution?

I’m guessing that when you said you put the ik right before the output pose you mean your took the local to component section of the head rotation and put it right in front of output pose - so it doesn’t happen within any of the cached poses like this


I also figure your seen this post which affirms this idea: Head Look & IK on montages

If this is what you tried then at the moment I cannot think of that the issue could be. once you’ve calculated the Default pose it should serve as the starting point for any new additions. My guesses are to first look at any settings within the transform node, and also make sure the head rotation is still being passed in during the montage (maybe print it out to make sure the value is still updating in the animBP). but those are just additional thoughts you have likely checked.

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Yeah I did try to move the Local Component section to that spot.
But your tip to print the Head Rotation helped me pinpoint the source!

When I pickup an object, it had a Do Once node and the Head Rotation logic was not being fired. After adding a sequence before the Do Once node, I was able to fix my issue.

Thank you very much.

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