Head Look & IK on montages


I currently drive Head Look and IK on NPCs via Blueprints. These work fine during Movement and Idle blendscapes. However, they stop working whilst I am playing a montage.

Does anyone know how to update bone rotations via Blueprints whilst Montages are playing?

In your AnimBlueprint, make sure that your Head Rotation and IK setups are done after the Montage Slot.

Thanks neo, but I’m not sure how I would set the order.

I currently have a State Machine that controls movement & idle blending. The montage idle path goes through a slot for the montage.

The head Rotation and IK setups are done in the Anim BP’s an Event Graph, using a ‘Event Blueprint Update Animation’ event.

Any ideas?

I meant the AnimGraph, where you have your State Machine and then your montage Slot, you’d have to put your Head/IK modifications after the montage slot node, so that the AnimMontage doesn’t override them.
Like in the following order:

  • State Machine
  • Montage Slot
  • Head/IK (Transform/IK nodes)