Correcting Collisions for a GIANT landscape terrain

Hi, I am starting a new level which for the most part is actually running well, I’ve used a version of world machine to build a giant map 4096x. I am doing testing of a combined 1st/3rd person game with a switching view between two camera booms, the problem comes when from the 3rd person perspective the character falls through some of the more angled complex ravine areas, deep up to the neck! from the first person view the camera (has collisions) but will just view through the terrain. I am experimenting with ‘Nav mesh walking’ for the entire level and dont really want to cheat by making certain areas inaccessible. What can I do to just REFINE this ? I want to use generated terrain, without too much painting, sculpting type fixes… Just wanted to ask the question is there any way to improve JUST the actual collision heights just in certain areas…? I know where the problems mostly are and could adjust them? Conversely, should I try adjusting the nav mesh tiling size for the whole terrain etc. to improve this? Any settings recommendations? I’ve built and re-built nav mesh /paths many times, and trying re-loading but there’s no major difference in the problem areas. Thanks!

Nav mesh walking helps a lot, with smaller sized squares I believe… ALSO I am using tessellation height /displacement on the terrain and I think when launching vs. just running with play in the editor window it wasn’t changing terrain height to wherever the walking, collisions are happening , just FYI… for anyone interested in this.

How large is the overall map in world units? 100 centimeters per sample?