Correct use of timers?

Yes this is the correct use of Timers. One small suggestion from me is to replace the below line

mytime = mytime + time_increment;


mytime += time_increment;

Both does the same job but second one is much more simpler IMHO. :slight_smile:

Hi I’m trying to write a simple timer that I can start, pause and and stop anytime. At the moment I have’t figured out all the details about timers and this is how I have done so far:

I have defined the following in the header file:

FTimerHandle MyGameTimer;
float mytime = 0.0f;
void update_timer();
float time_increment = 0.01f;

At the begin play method I set:

GetWorldTimerManager().SetTimer(MyGameTimer,this,&AMyGameMode::update_timer, time_increment, true);

while the update_timer method does the following:

void AMyGameMode::update_timer() {
	mytime = mytime + time_increment;

This seems to work but I was wondering if this is a proper way to do such a simple task.

Thank you

thank you!