Correct SDK and NDK to target for Oculus Quest 1 and 2 in UE 4.26

I am creating a VR project using Unreal Engine 4.26. I have done the default Android setup as mentioned in Unreal Documentation. I have also added the paths to the SDK, NDK and AVA in the “Android SDK” section of “Project Settings”

Now, my questions are,

  • What values should I put in the “SDK API Level” and “NDK API Level” in the Android SDK section of Project Settings?
  • What values should I put in the “Minimum SDK Version” and “Target SDK Version” in the Android section of “Project Settings”?
  • Do I need to download any other version of Android SDK or NDK using Android Studio? I currently have Android API 30 and 29(Android 10.0(Q)) SDK installed. For NDK, I have 21.1.6352462 Installed.

I have searched for answers regarding these questions everywhere and all the posts about these are out of date. Any help will be appreciated!