Correct import of PNG texture with glow?

I have this logo that has a slight glow to the turquoise font, this glow is causing some edge issues around the blue and purple fonts below and I can’t figure out why?

Is this meant to work ok, or am I doing something wrong? If I disable the glow on the turquoise part of the logo it works fine. The glow is also only on this turquoise font.

Hope someone knows something I don’t… it happens. A lot.

Thank you.


That’s probably a case where TGA would be a better format to use than PNG. The difference is that the transparency is baked in with PNG where TGA will have full color channels with a separate alpha map. With PNG it has to basically convert it to have a separate alpha and that means it has to fill in the color channels with something and that’s out of your control. So with TGA you can set what the color of the transparent parts are and have more control to avoid any anomalies.

Thanks for the help, I tried that but it looked at least perceptually identical. Good call though, I can see this come in handy when troubleshooting in the future. I also brought it back into other software (Nuke in this case) to make sure my TGA was correct and it was fine.

What did end up working was adding a tiny bit of glow on the blue and purple fonts. It does seem like a premultiplication issue though, possibly assuming the alpha is in a colorspace it actually is not in… Unchecking the sRGB option did make it look slightly better but still an obvious issue. Not sure what else it can be. It’d be interesting to hear more about this still, I can see this coming back to haunt me. I do have a thing for glowy things.

Thanks again Darth! Hope you guys have some better luck this coming Christmas, those pesky rebels always seem to get away with anything.