corona renderer to unreal with media textures.


I have a fairly large nighclub/restaurant/bar scene built in 3ds max using corona renderer for the materials/rendering. My client has decided he needs a 3d walk through which I have decided to create using either unreal engine or unity. My preference is Unreal, as the graphics somehow look a lot better to me.

So I have two questions:

1: Whats the quickest/best method of getting my corona textured materials from 3ds max into unreal.
2: Is the unreal engine reliable with media textures? I need to use an avi as a wall projections, and a number of avi’s for a few scatterred televisions. I’m a bit worried as the client 100% needs these animated textures, and i’ve read online in a few places that Unreal’s media textures are not production ready/reliable.



You can export Standard materials from 3ds Max, otherwise it doesn’t know how to handle them. Which is very common when transferring files between any 3D programs. For textures you need to make sure they’re in a supported format like .tga or .png and are a power of 2 resolution.

I would imagine that the videos should work, though you will probably have to convert them to a supported format/codec

The only issue with the video files is that when playing you have to remember to instruct them to play via level blueprint.

Brilliant, thanks guys.