Coreupt (action beat'em up)

Hello everybody, my name is Jesse Wright and I wanted to finally share some progress from the game my team has been hard at work on! Our game is called COREUPT and it is an action beat’em up game that will be fast paced and stylish similar to the Devil May Cry series! Here are some screen shots and some links to check out to follow our progress and listen to some of the music that will be featured in the game! We are always looking for talented people that just want to make extremely cool and fun games so I will leave my email address as well if you have any ideas or questions!

Screenshot 2016-02-05 15.09.54.jpg

Screenshot 2016-02-05 15.25.20.jpg

Screenshot 2016-02-05 15.26.05.jpg

Check out music here:
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Here’s a look at the game in action! Please leave any feedback or comments you can think of!



Just added more more music from the game, have a listen and let me know what you think!

Sawn-Off is joining Gatling in the fight against the Blue Mist! Keep checking back and you might just see him in a screen shot soon! Screenshot 2016-02-08 08.09.25.jpg

[video]CORElated - Gatling combat test! | Facebook

In case you missed seeing Gatling in action here’s a better link!

Here’s an early look at the logo. This isn’t the full logo but we want this to be almost like a symbol/emblem for the game! [video][/video]


Gatling has a new sword!


Watched the video a few times over, it looks cool. I always say this but it’s of course impossible to feel the game based on video but it seems pretty responsive and very fast paced. I can’t tell for sure if every move is equal to one key press or if there’s overlap of sorts and how quickly you press. The moves snap by extremely fast. Would be interesting to feel the game play, what’s the impact… you know. Like the shots… looking pretty cool.

Thank you SO MUCH for the feedback! The combat has chained combos so if you input them in the right pattern the character will progress through the combo really fast, giving only a slight delay for input!(similar to like devil may cry’s combo system) We are wanting to make a really solid combat system so that we can also have a vs. mode included in the game! Been trying to think of ideas for how we want the camera though, I love how you have kind of opened up what it means to be a side scroller and now it’s got my mind racing with ideas!



Ok, cool, makes sense.

Yeah, you know with my game I know how important camera is to have it work correctly and seamlessly, especially of course a camera where the player is not in control of it. Not sure if for your vs mode you want to do it like Mortal Kombat style, side on camera. In that case, yeah, there’s some stuff to consider, even a seemingly simple camera can have some more complex behind the scenes behavior needed to make it seem simple but still dynamic.

Yeah, I was thinking of having a camera similar to like Power Stone but the problem is I don’t want the characters to appear so small.

New screens!!!



Screenshot 2016-02-10 12.36.27.jpg

Ok, I looked that up quick. Didn’t know that game. That camera actually does a few things, based on where you are… etc. Would be a fun thing to sit and get that working.

Yeah, I will keep you posted on what I end up doing! I may be posting some new gameplay today as we got the slow motion effect working, still needs some tweaking, but its still pretty awesome looking right now!

Here’s a better look at Gatling’s new sword case!


Here you can see a short clip of the slow motion effect working! I will try to post an actual gameplay video of it in action over the weekend but until then…[video]Redirecting...

Gatling getting tricky!

Screenshot 2016-02-10 12.34.12.jpg

New batch of screens for screenshot Saturday!

Screenshot 2016-02-13 09.55.07.png



Screenshot 2016-02-13 09.52.47.jpg

Nice work so far! Looking forward to seeing this game