Copys object not showing ligth as the original

Hi there,

Because swarm issues im moving my level objects to a new one, i just realize that post process and ligth doesnt look the same as the original, to prove this, i copy several levels from the content example and the ligth and post process effect arent the same… i copy all objects at once so location wasnt an inconvenient

I also try to copy an entire level from unreal tournament to a new level in the same project cause is more simple and have no textures, just bsp and ligths:

The original is on the rigth side

Could you probably re-post the picture? :slight_smile:

Do you copy all the stuff into a blank map?

Yep… an empty map t1.jpg i was diggin into this and realize that the postprocess effect is not applying for some reason… i actually was able to make it work in another empty level with in the same project(UnrealTournament) but when i created a new project(i called tesla) and level the post process effect doesnt work.

yes of course