Copyrights about objects from professionals resailer


I’d like to know if i can make a pack, to sale or distribute for free, with modelised polys made from existing objects.
I mean Objects modelised from nothing, just whith photographics references, in lowpoly, with diffuse and lightmap unwraps, and UE4 shaders.



Ps: Excuse my english, i’m french :wink:

It depends on what it is.
For example, a product, like a car or a weapon are copyrighted designs, you can make something similar but you would need to change some things about it (like the cars in GTAV)

Ok thanks.
So it is with design objects, like houses stuffs i imagine.
I ask because on the market i saw some packs of existing chairs and others stuffs (with the real names), but with no references of the designer/manufacturer…

Yes, chairs and furniture have copyrighted designs