Copyright Infringement

They keep saying me here and on Blender Artists Forum and they surprised I stop making some games to satisfy someone before I learn(perfectly)modelling,rigging,animating and scripting and I’ll forget absolutely about such of wonderful foregin,abandoned and canceled games from 90’s?How much money on court I need to buy some licence and avoid permament banishment and very high amount of penalty?What kind of worse fate could come to me in the future?One thing is impossible I can’t control Epic Games forums even thanks to money.

What is this thread about? In one sentence please. Very short.

I have no idea what he just said.

OP is asking whether he can remake abandonware games. That’s a breach of their intellectual property, but considering the rights holders are no longer active, legal action would be unlikely. However, I would still strongly advise against it.

You can always make a game similar to or influenced by abandonware games. There’s so much room for creativity in games, why do you need to copy another game?

Are you the same guy who was trying to remake Jazz Jack rabbit? Basically that will never happen, so don’t try. The IP belongs to Epic, so not a good idea to use their own forums.

Also, “abandonware” is not recognised legally from what I understand. It is a word made up by the software industry to label software that no longer receives updates or support from the company that owns the rights, but it has no legal basis. Unless the owners have allowed the copywrite to expire, you will still be susceptible to legal action if the people that own it decide to take legal action, no matter how old the game is.

The reason abandonware sites exist is because often the copywrite has expired, or the people who own the copywrite have given permission for the game to be redistributed. In less scrupulous cases, they’re just gambling on the owners not bothering to pursue legal action.

So why you don’t make Arjaan Brusee’s and Cliff Bleszinski’s video?You don’t want troubles on court like me?So what about spritual successor of Jazz Jackrabbit like Looka & Laylee as replacement of Banjo-Kazooie?You won’t be angry if Jazz Jackrabbit spiritual successor will include Turrican and Law Breakers levels in 2D?

Well, what I think doesn’t really matter here, the simple fact is that Jazz Jackrabbit is owned by Epic and you are not allowed to use their IP for your own games.

That said, a “spiritual successor” is fine, and is a good way for someone like you to create a modern adaptation of a classic you enjoyed playing in the past. You can recreate the original game play but using your own characters, setting and story.

and own levels?without jazz jackrabbit 1,2 & 3.Should it be Home Cooked Levels from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sort of?or something absolutely new?Even money can’t bypass copyrights infridgement,right?I’m glad I can negotiate with you Epic Games with calm talking.

Err, copyright is active for the duration of life of original owner plus up to 70 years after that, last time I checked. After that it can be passed onto descendants of the original copyright owner.

Abandoneware sites exist because owner no longer seemed to care.

Well, for example, I don’t care about any of those.

IF you want to make a remake, contact original authors for permission. If they don’t reply or don’t give the permission, make a lookalike instead.

There were precedents where Nintendo (of all people) shut down someone’s project, because it used their assets.

Yeah like Erik’s Ross Super Mario 64 HD.Look-a-like you’re saying?My friend from Poland said duration of original owner patents copyrights are equal 100 years.Well Cliff Bleszinski on Twitter ignored absolutely my tvn88 account.
Maybe I should ask Arjan Brusee for permission if he’ll respond?
Doppelbangers like these characters?

Oh, I read recently that Namco’s copywrite on loading screen mini games had expired after 20 or so years, so I thought there was a much shorter time limit on such things. I suppose it depends on various circumstances? I’m not a legal bod so no idea to be honest.

Either way, the safest thing to do is to create a brand new IP. New characters, new story, new levels and so on. What did you like most about Jazz Jackrabbit? You can recreate the FEEL of Jazz Jackrabbit, without copying it directly.

I’m making of new looking characters for Jazz,Eva and Devan.I think I liked Bonus Stages I could take style from Knuckles’ Chaotix or Space Harrier from Sega Game Gear.Do you think Dean Dodrill will keen on it?
Just follow me on(classic 2D style I don’t get it with using unreal engine 4 2d platform mode) Work in Progress section.//Maybe noogy will help me with new levels and new storyline?Who knows?

Sure, you can possibly buy it.
maybe for a million dollars! (Or more! And that’s being hopefull that they will let you buy it!)

You need to make your own characters, your own story, your own world.

In that case it’s a design pattern so it’s not the same story as a copyright.

how do you like it?

You’re confusing copyright with patent

Sorry.Do you like my infant stage of Jazz Jackrabbit spritual successor?Can Dean Dodrill join this game project with Robert Allen and rest of Humble Hearts company?

Mods, please be wary of OP. “lukaszdamianpiotrrygal”

We have had a problem with him on BA in regards to pirated material and work stolen from other members/games claiming to be his own.

We’re aware, he posts a lot of weird things. I think he’s just a non-english speaking kid