CopyProperties for non-seamless travel

At the start of my game, the player will set his name, press start to create a session / find and join session. Upon creating / joining, player will enter Lobby from MainMenu, both are maps. I believe this is non-seamless travel and I will like to know if there is a way to ensure persisting player state in non-seamless travel.

First, let me show the result.


From this debug prints I can safely say that CopyProperties event was called, DisplayName was copied over properly, but the value somehow disappears before HandleStartingNewPlayer event. So, I have 2 questions now.

  1. Can variables in PlayerState persist in non-seamless travel?
  2. Why does my PlayerState gets destroyed / released and replaced with a new one after CopyProperties event?

Snippet of CopyProperties event in Base_PlayerState. please pardon the messy inserts.

Snippet of HandleStartingNewPlayer event in lobby’s GameMode.

Have you solved that?