copying the products of aftermarket brands

I’m planning to create a mini car racing game where you can also customize your car. Do I need permission from top manufacturers of accessories like Konig and American Racing wheels if I’m going to copy their products?

When there’s doubt there is no doubt. Not worth it, don’t risk it!
As per car designs always get permission, whenever possible…

But you can walk a fine line and take inspiration from real parts.
GTA-Saints Row were clever, just hints of Ferrari / Porsche etc.

So definitely avoid badges, unique specific touches, be generic.
Its tricky. In your shoes, I think I’d prefer to invent original designs…
Even with permission, they could revoke it if the game isn’t liked!

That’s not how such things work. You can’t just cancel a contract because you feel like it.


In fairness, I never used the ‘C’ word… Maybe you assumed it was there, but it wasn’t re-read!
Beyond that though, before contracts are signed, there’s usually Letters of Intent / Agreement.
This is necessary in order to let the development process go forward otherwise it’d stall work.
The letters, while non-binding are useful esp. if you’re looking for types of funding or loans etc.

Not a lawyer, but I have been involved in various licensing agreements outside of game dev.
BTW: Contracts are fought over constantly, just less so for David / Goliath which this case is!

If you cant afford attorneys dont do it. If you cant afford licensing dont do it.
if you spoof it. Spoof all of it. Table top racing is a mini car racing game that does this really well.
I wouldnt go near a brand without expecting some type of a challenge.
spoofing someone elses spoof is starting to get into strange territory.
For a large brand your more than likely going to look at a pre approval stipulation.
Meaning they will look over your design, and gameplay before giving you their stamp of approval.
some brands may pay you for product placement. Oil cans on the shelf, premium tool box upgrade, upgrade tires to…

Wow. That’s a lot of useful info guys. Thanks! Never thought about legalities. Will just create my own designs.