Copying of objects for a PIE session

I’m pretty clear on the instancing behavior of actor components owned by actors. Everything else… is a little fuzzy.

Suppose that I have a couple of actors in my world, each with the declaration

UMyThing* MyThing;

And suppose that, in the editor, things have been set up such that both actors point to the same UMyThing. (BTW, UMyThing is not a UActorComponent.) Suppose further that the UMyThing was created with NewObject(), without an owner specified.

  1. If I start a PIE session, will the actors in the PIE session point to a duplicated version of the UMyThing, to the same instance as the ones in the editor, or to nothing at all? If I export the level, will the UMyThing be exported with it?
  2. Does the ownership of the object come into play at all?
  3. How do things change if I add NonPIEDuplicateTransient to the UPROPERTY declarations?